The Benefits Of Article Submission

Published: 22nd October 2007
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Due to the need to rise from the Internet clutter, people are finding more ways to advertise online. One of these ways is article submission, which is worth knowing if you are a website owner.

There are three important things you need to know about article submission as a web advertising tool. You can drive traffic to your website only if you use article submission effectively. First, you should know how it works, then find out how it helps you. Finally, you should know what your articles should be.

How it works
As webmasters or website owners, your first task is to come up with articles. You can either write it yourself or hire writers to write the articles for you. Once you have the articles, you can post it in article directories. There are two ways to do so. First is with the use of article submission software, and the other method is through article marketing services. Using the first method is less expensive and less time-consuming than using the second one. The only thing you have to do is obtain an article submission software, load your articles in it, and press "submit". The software will then submit the articles to article directories, while you sit and watch your web traffic increase. On the other hand, using the second method, instead of loading your articles to a software, you will instead pass it on to an article marketing service, which posts your articles on its partner article directories. This method, however, is not free. After all, it is called a "service".

How it helps
Now that you've distributed your articles to various article directories using one of the methods mentioned above, you can simply wait to see if they help drive traffic to your site. Here are the benefits you can expect from article submission. Article submission create one-way links to your site, which increases your page rank better than any other kind of link. Also, you can be sure that the traffic driven by article submission is targeted, since those who click on the links in your articles are already potential customers. Article submission also build your credibility as a source of information, because you are showing the readers, through your articles, that you are knowledgeable about the particular topic discussed. These things, then, will all help drive more traffic to your site.

What your articles should be
However, how can you ensure that your articles are able to do all these things? Here are what your articles should be: SEO-driven, unique, and credible. When we say "SEO-driven", we mean that the articles apply SEO strategies. This, of course, includes keyword-based strategies. Use the best keywords and key phrases, and use them a lot, too. As part of your SEO efforts, make sure that your articles are also unique and varies in content. Don't just submit one article to a lot of article directories. Search engines have a way of filtering out websites or articles that have duplicate contents. So make sure that you stockpile a lot of unique articles that vary in content. You can submit different articles every week, to make sure that your articles on the Web are plenty and varied. Also, no matter how many articles you post online, if their contents are not credible, they won't help you at all. No one is going to click on a link if you don't first get them to believe you. So make sure that you do some research and come up with an article that is genuinely backed by knowledge and valuable information. This way, your articles will really motivate readers to click on that link and thus, drive traffic to your site.

Now, you're ready to use article submission as a tool. This tool is highly recommended, because it really pays off. This would explain the rise in the number of webmasters and website owners who use article submission to drive traffic to their sites.

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